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What Does Excellent VoIP Support Look Like?

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Exceptional customer support can be critical to having a positive experience with a hosted voice-over-IP (VoIP) telephony implementation. As TechTarget highlights, VoIP has recently reached its 20-year anniversary. Between mass business adoption of VoIP and advancements in its technology, VoIP is now a powerful, low-cost option for unified business communications.
If you are seeking a first-time VoIP implementation or considering switching vendors, it can be important to consider prospective vendor’s support in the selection phase. The best options for hosted communications offer an excellent customer experience that includes expert technology advice, multi-media support channels and resources for customer education.
What is Great Customer Service?
While VoIP is unique, there are some aspects of exceptional customer service that span industries and businesses. Research by RightNow indicates that the most common reason that customers abandon a brand is “poor quality” or “rude” customer service. HelpScout has found that “fast resolution” isn’t always the right answer, especially if a customer’s issues aren’t resolved. Clients would rather have thorough help than fast help any day.
Many of these principles of exceptional customer service hold true in VoIP. By evaluating both the quality and the quantity of a prospective vendor’s support offerings, potential clients can ensure they’ll receive polite, timely and thorough service each time they call. Join us as we review five important factors when it comes to VoIP support.
1. Phone Support
When you call a VoIP vendor’s customer service line, what happens? Are you immediately directed to a knowledgeable support expert, or sent straight to a voice mail inbox? While the majority of your business communications may take place between normal business hours, 24/7 support is critical. It’s important to ensure that you can access support and resolution in minutes, even if you’re having issues during an evening or weekend.
2. Knowledge Bases
Self-serve knowledge bases can be a convenient and valuable tool for customer education. Many VoIP vendors offer online portals filled with helpful information on making the most of your business communications tools, understanding your bill, troubleshooting common issues and more. While a knowledge base isn’t critical, it can certainly enhance the business VoIP customer experience.
3. Equipment Recommendations
Hosted VoIP requires a minimum of equipment. Typically, organizations simply need to purchase a router and handsets. However, getting these equipment requirements right is important for quality of service (QoS) and end-user satisfaction. During the implementation and sales phase, you should be able to trust your vendor’s recommendations for high-quality, reliable equipment that is compatible with their VoIP system.
4. Web Support
Web support, including email, chat and personalized web portals, can lend remarkable convenience for IT and accounting professionals’ communications with a VoIP vendor. When coupled with phone support, 24/7 live web-based assistance options can ensure you have well-rounded options to contact your VoIP vendor whenever necessary.
5. Client References
No VoIP vendor would admit to offering mediocre or below-average customer support. Screening vendors by support quality, in addition to pricing and other criteria, is critical to ensuring your vendor won’t disappear as soon as you’ve signed a service contract. Picking a vendor who puts support as a top priority is an important step, but talking with their current clients can reveal more insight into the quality of their support. During the sales cycle, don’t hesitate to ask your vendor for current client references, to screen how well-supported and appreciated their customer base feels.
Excellent support is important for a positive experience with a VoIP vendor. No business wants to find that their phones and add-on communication services have gone down, and then have to wait hours for resolution. VoIP customers need fast and expert help, 24/7. By screening potential VoIP vendors for quality and comprehensiveness of support options, you can work to ensure that your experience is nothing less than satisfying.

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